Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Brown rice vs White rice

On brown rice diet now...ask diabetic people about white rice...no surprise India is diabetic capital of world (http://www.thehindu.com/health/medicine-and-research/article3307234.ece

White rice breaks down and gets digested very easily, hence giving a rush of carbohydrate energy to the body. This increases the sugar level in the body exceedingly fast, which is not a desirable situation. This leads to Type 2 diabetes over a period of time. (Type 1 diabetes is hereditary).

India is a diabetic capital of the world, with maximum number of type 2 diabetes!

For people who have come out of poverty, malnutrition - to lead a sedentary comfortable life, this situation is even more threatening. Their body is used to hard work and similarly appropriate metabolism, given the early years of their life spent in poverty and hard manual work. When they come out of poverty (owing to education or access to money), the combination of their sedentary life style along with new food habits leads to a situation their body is not adapted to. Type 2 diabetics, High Cholesterol, high blood pressure are the usual threats.

Same holds good for middle and higher middle class families.
  • With change in time, almost all hard work is taken over by machines: access to washing machines, redundancy of manual household grain grinders etc, and house maids for remain work.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is promoted with culture of television etc., with limited outdoor life. Motorised vehicles has taken over walking, cycling.
  • Food increasing consists of refined wheat, rice.

I can't find anyone in my extended family not suffering from one or the other lifestyle related disease!